Anhui province 3D project

One of the best projects recently was shooting a 3D series for a photographic festival that is held every year in the small villages around Anhui province. I was invited to do this project by a organiser, kurator, artist – Ou Ning so I went to the country side for 8 days… Amazing nature, amazing food, friendly people, great villages and architecture of the old houses, lots of local spirit… We were staying in a really interesting place… There is an entire old village that is build as a movie set and on the other side of the lake there was build another old style village that will be used as a boutique hotel. We were staying in this village that is not open to the public yet in one of the amazing houses… Both villages are owned by the most famous Chinese movie producer Yimou Zhang that has produced movies like Hero, The house of the flying daggers, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in China…

They got me a small electric scooter a super nice translater and we were cruising around the rice fields, mulberry trees, tea bushes, water buffalos and by the end of the week every villager heard about the strange mustache man on a bike…
The people from this province were well know traders and so they have sent lots of money back home to build amazing villages and amazing houses. Some villages like Hongcun are particularly outstanding and protected by Unesco… Hongcun village lets say is build in a shape of the water buffalo! It is surrounded by a river and over and there are 4 bridges on this river that represent buffalos legs… In the middle of the village there is a half moon shaped lake – stomach… A stream – guts… And in the head there are two big old treas – horns. Crazy I tell u…
More about the project after it is officially out…

~ by matjazz on June 19, 2012.

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  1. What a nice place! Keep rocking.

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