Beijing Hutong Exhibiton

This week I had the shortest and the longest exhibition up till now… Also the most boring and the most exciting…

In July I have shoot a series of 3D photos for a young Chinese clothing designer Su Guang Yu. The inspiration of the shoot was Memories… Memories of a girl that returned to a place where she was growing up and found out that the house and the whole neighbourhood whre she was growing up was demolished… She is remembering playing with her younger sister, grandma, celebrating birthday with her family and the other moments there are far gone…

This Thursday we exhibited this photos for the first time in a really amazing gallery – Chambers Fine Art in Chaochangdi art district. Gallery is in a complex of galleries designed by Chines artist Ai Wei Wei.  Exhibition was nice, wine was cold, catering tasty but since I barely knew anyone was pretty unexciting…

After this show all the nicely framed photos in the size of 200x140cm suppose to got o trash?! which is a “blasphemy” for any artist-photographer! I have organised rescue mission – van that took photos to my place and decided that I am going to take photos in the demolished hutong where I have shot them.

Hutong is a type of narrow streets or alleys with traditional houses connected to nice courtyards… They are laid out in a chessboard pattern which was established as early as the Ming Dynasty. This neighbourhoods are disappearing rapidly since they have prime locations where they are planing to build shopping malls, subway, roads and residential compounds.

I have found one of this ment to be destroyed hutongs by chance months ago and was a perfect set for this shoot. The best part were friendly people that were really happy and excited to see that something new is going on. Since we needed to appropriate traditional Chinese living environment they borrowed us lots of things from their houses and some of them even posed on the photos… This is why I felt it would be great to bring the photos back to the place they were created…

So I have organised a small picnic, exhibition opening, early b day party in this hutong named – Tuo Fang Ying. Traditional Chinese food, Chinese chess, badminton, beers, wine,  Natalia baked amazing apple pie and muffins. The best part was that looots of villagers came to see the photos and share food and drinks with us! That was something that I was hoping fore but didnt have any idea if they are actually going to show up. They did and it was amazing watching them being amazed by 3D technique, recognizing the locations, people they know…

On the end we have put photos on the different walls in the hutong and it was really cool when one lady asked if we can put one on here house aswel… we did…

Mission successful… Wondering how long are the photos and the hutong going to last…

Day after tomorrow I am flying to Yixian where is held an International Photo Festival that I am taking part of… But more about this upon return…

The decoration of the most popular place in huong.. Public toilet.

~ by matjazz on October 30, 2012.

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  1. Brilliant idea to put the pictures back where they were shot!

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