Istanbul – Ankara in search of Ata Turk

Not so long ago I was in Turkey. Destination that I always wanted to visit but  have never found time since is sort of to close for a long destination trip and to far for the weekend trip. Now I have finally made it… One week in Istanbul and Ankara shooting different places and objects closely related with the founder of the modern Turkey – Ata Turk.


Blue Mosque










Small Van cat before one eye changes…


Typical Turkish Van cat…


Old shepherds tradition of biting goats ear for a good luck…





Ata Turk on a throne



Its cool to have a store downstairs…


After couple of rakis… Some drunk stories…


Fells like home







Mausoleum in Ankara





They have an area where thousands of stray dogs live in forest! they have houses and they feed them..They are also marked and everything… But still a surreal sight…


Black sea, black as night.


Card house… They play exactly the same remy game as we do in Slovenia!

~ by matjazz on May 24, 2013.

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